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Summer Symposium

We have been delighted to welcome students from Alberta College of Art and Design, Montana State University & Rochester Institute of Technology for their 9-day Summer Symposium, 24 June to 2 July, along with their professors Natali Rodrigues, Tad Bradley and David Schnuckel and Facilitator Jane Bruce.

Summer Symposium group

They’ve been out and about visiting sites around Caithness, working hard in the Studio and enjoying getting to know the village and the locals. We hope to see you back in Lybster very soon.

Class of 2013

Students Jon Rees and Daniel Cleghorn talk about their experience:

Jon Rees, Rochester Institute of Technology student:

“The journey to a new place far from home can be a daunting one.  You never know quite what to expect.  The town of Lybster and North Lands Creative Glass are true gems in the weathered landscape of Northern Scotland.  There are two things that I find really special about them; the place and the people.

The landscape in and around the town is spectacular.  From the weather hewn cliffs of the many harbors and beaches to the stone Cairns at Camster, this area of Scotland is all stone and sea and wind.  The constant interaction between these elements creates a sense of unparalleled awe.  To stay and work in this type of environment is truly a transformative experience.

The people, both at North Lands and around town are the friendliest people I’ve ever met.  Generosity and humor are the most common traits to be found in the personalities here.  From interesting conversations to hilarious stories, it’s obvious that the people of this area of Scotland are very welcoming to visitors.

I’m sad to be leaving soon, but I’m very much looking forward to visiting again.”

Out and about

“My name is Daniel Cleghorn. Currently attending the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary Alberta Canada and in Lybster Scotland for the student glass symposium presented by North Lands Creative Glass. This is my first experience with working in glass.

The community within Lybster and the Studio is like no other. Strangers coming together to help each other throughout the process of creation. From the idea bouncing to the finished product. Even the environment contributes to the art, drawing, inspiration from the landscape and the people of the town all contribute to the finished piece.The pieces I am working with are all created from the contrast of city life to this small town. The first one is Guessa based on the idea of honour bound tradition. What has inspired me is how the local have reacted to us, with them almost feeling obligated to buy a drink and have a conversation and ensure we have a good time. It is something you have to experience.

The second work is Rustic Modern, inspired by the landscape. By taking shell and rock castings, translating some into glass and keeping the others in their original state, I hope to investigate the difference between a wild coast and the modern city.

The symposium itself is more than glass work; it’s about pushing yourself, exploration and communication. For even the more experienced glass artist 9 days is hard to get much glass done due to the lengthly nature of the medium, and we’re not restricted to glass, we can do anything. One of things that really inspired me about this time is how it isn’t a class. It’s about pushing yourself to do work when you have so many options. Giving you a little taste of art outside of school, exploring your limits with the medium and the land.  Seeing more than any tour bus would take you, exploring with your peers and yourself of the capabilities of your ideas and work and most importantly communication. With such a diverse background and amazing instructors there is so much to learn in such little time.

Thank you all for the amazing experience
Jane, Natali, David, Tad, Tatara, Kalina, Jon, Cydney, Dani, Randy, Sawyer,
Jess, Blair, Jo, Michael, Grace and the whole town for being such great host.”

Out and about again

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Highland Inspiration

We were delighted to recently host two nine-day international symposia at North Lands Creative Glass. For North Lands it is wonderful to have the chance to host and work with instructors, artists and students with such great enthusiasm, motivation and dedication and we hope to see you all again very soon.

The first was a Student Symposium; ‘Highland Inspiration – Location and Self’ with students and instructors from three schools: The Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary; the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and the Montana State University School of Architecture, Bozeman. The students valued the input of the instructors enormously; Natali Rodrigues, Michael Rogers and Tad Bradley, along with Jane Bruce were kept extremely busy and everyone seemed to enjoy and gain a lot from their experiences.

The second was a Symposium for artists exploring ‘Highland Inspiration – Location & Perception’, led by Jane Bruce assisted by Lee Mathers. The artists were invited to focus on an experimental and open-minded approach to working and utilise drawing, model making, and the prototyping of forms, to test and question their ideas against the Caithness environment, the goal being to deepen and intensify current work or push it forward into new directions.

Both Symposia benefitted from local co-ordination for facilities and outings by our very own Joanna Garrett, better known as North Lands’ Master Class and Conference Co-ordinator.

Photographs by kind permission of Symposium participants Linda Norris and Rachel Elliott.

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A little catch up post

Time seems to have escaped us and it’s been a while since the last blog post, so a little catch up is needed.

Since May we have seen our Artists in Residence depart to their distant homes, Michael Bullen, our Studio Technical Manager and talented artist has delivered a very successful Skills Class: Glass Painting Techniques and we are currently coming to the end of a nine-day International Student Symposium; ‘Highland Inspiration – Location and Self’ with Michael Rogers and Jane Bruce.  Students have come from The Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, and the Montana State University School of Architecture, Bozeman.

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August/September Master Classes

Our programme of Master Classes is filling up fast, but there’s still time to get a place.

This year we have a great variety of courses led by internationally renowned artists:

‘The Drive to Improvise’ with Tessa Clegg and Philip Eglin, 24 August – 1 September

‘The Pleasures and Difficulties of Choice’ with Ivana Sramkova, 24 August – 1 September

‘Painting on Glass: developing a personal iconography’ with Cappy Thompson, 6-14 September

‘Out of Thin Air’ with Michael Rogers, 6-14 September

Some funding is available for Scottish-based professional artists. Students and emerging artists may also be eligible for financial assistance.

Get in touch with grace.macbeath@northlandsglass.com for more information

Other artists may be able to get funding from local arts organisations.

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Hot Glass Skills Class

Students from the University of Sunderland joined James Maskrey in a 5 day hot glass skills class

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