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Sandcasting Workshop with Artists-in-Residence

We teamed up with Caithness Horizons to offer a weekend workshop work through the process of sand casting of hot glass, from inspiration to kiln firing with our Artists-in-Residence.

Participants and artists spent Saturday afternoon at Caithness Horizons, looking for local inspiration amongst the museum’s collections of artefacts, particularly the four main areas of Picts, Vikings, Robert Dick and Dounreay. Sunday was spent in our Studio Hot Shop in Lybster learning the processes and techniques of sand casting. Everyone had a go at translating their ideas from the Saturday into sand moulds, making impressions in the sand to pour the hot glass into.
Participant Nicole Wilkinson: ‘[It was] amazing … how everyone placed their own interpretations and visions of Caithness inspiration into viable items. It was fascinating to learn the glass-making procedure and practice, and to view the residents’ work’.


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Glass Skills Classes

We have new Classes for 2013:

11 – 13 march
Cost: £300

Ian Pearson will lead a three day introduction to the art of lamp working (using gas/oxygen torches to blow, manipulate and join glass tube and rod).

Ian has been practicing the skill known as lampworking since 1961, and is an acknowledged master of the craft bringing a mix of outstanding technical knowledge and creative flair. For many years a scientific glass blower creating highly complex laboratory equipment, Ian now uses his blend of ancient craft and modern technology to make art objects and gifts at his studio Glass Creations in Thurso.
This class is suitable for all skill levels and abilities.

27 – 31 May
Cost: £550

Jeff Zimmer will lead a five day class about creating three dimensional images on glass using both traditional and photographic approaches.  The class will exploit the transparency of glass and layer techniques and images to collage and create a sense of space.  Hand painted enamels, photo-sensitive sandblast resists and printed transfers will be used.The experience will be enhanced through discussions and presentations. There will be discussion about how creating a 3-D image affects its content and our experience of it.

The course will be of interest to individuals looking to expand their practice into a new dimension.  Those with experience of image-making on glass will learn to see their work in a new way while those new to painting on glass will learn the both the basics of the craft and novel applications.

5 – 9 August
Cost: £550

Led by Carrie Fertig, this five day technical course will use the bench burner and hand torch to build skills for making sculpture in clear borosilicate glass. The course will cover general health and safety of the studio, torch, canisters of gas, and the flameworker, as well as building your own studio.

The course will teach use of the hand torch to enable larger-scale work. New assignments each day will build on and refine the previous skills learned. This course is suitable for all levels of experience.


For more information email

or call 01593 721 229

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Feeling Festive Yet?

We are here at North Lands! We have Christmas events coming up!

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Season’s Greetings

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