Highland Inspiration

We were delighted to recently host two nine-day international symposia at North Lands Creative Glass. For North Lands it is wonderful to have the chance to host and work with instructors, artists and students with such great enthusiasm, motivation and dedication and we hope to see you all again very soon.

The first was a Student Symposium; ‘Highland Inspiration – Location and Self’ with students and instructors from three schools: The Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary; the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and the Montana State University School of Architecture, Bozeman. The students valued the input of the instructors enormously; Natali Rodrigues, Michael Rogers and Tad Bradley, along with Jane Bruce were kept extremely busy and everyone seemed to enjoy and gain a lot from their experiences.

The second was a Symposium for artists exploring ‘Highland Inspiration – Location & Perception’, led by Jane Bruce assisted by Lee Mathers. The artists were invited to focus on an experimental and open-minded approach to working and utilise drawing, model making, and the prototyping of forms, to test and question their ideas against the Caithness environment, the goal being to deepen and intensify current work or push it forward into new directions.

Both Symposia benefitted from local co-ordination for facilities and outings by our very own Joanna Garrett, better known as North Lands’ Master Class and Conference Co-ordinator.

Photographs by kind permission of Symposium participants Linda Norris and Rachel Elliott.

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