Kiln Forming & Kiln Casting Residency – open for applications

Kiln Forming & Kiln Casting Residency

Monday 16 April – Sunday 10 June 2012

Application Deadline: 2 December 2011

We are offering an eight week residency for four talented glass artists. We are looking for artists who have an interest in exploring new forms of making, or ways of working, through collaboration. The residency will be focusing primarily on kiln working (fusing, slumping, casting, painting etc.).

You will have the opportunity to create work and collaborate with artists while also learning new techniques. This opportunity will allow you to enhance your own practice while working within a peer group to gain further skills. Artists-in-residence benefit from a comprehensive range of facilities.

The residency provides eight weeks access to North Lands facilities. Access is 7 days per week, however our Technical Manager is only available Monday to Friday. Facilities include kiln room, mould room, cold working facilities, general purpose/drawing room, and all related tools and equipment. North Lands hot glass workshop is not available for access.

terms and conditions and application details are on our website


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